Service and maintance

Company Z & R's long-term, we have gained experience in all aspects of servicing a variety of electronic devices.

We have serviced and service renowned products of all known international manufacturers of electronic equipment and household appliances, as well as professional devices for industrial production.

Company Z & R also maintains service hotel electronics, so if you have a need for this aspect of service, you can contact us with confidence.

We also offer service and maintenance support for some of the companies that have a need for authorized servicing their products.

Once again, please note that if you need to resolve any issues related to electronics, our team of specialists will help you fix them.

Production and manufacturing

Company Z & R successfully for many years engaged in the production of various electronic circuits and devices. Recently we increase production and expand the market with high-quality components and devices such as LUXOMAT and dimmers.

Lux manufactured in three versions called LUXOMAT ZR3, LUXOMAT ZR4 and LUXOMAT ZR5. LUXOMAT is a device that includes a lighting fixture, advertisement, or other device at dusk and off in the morning with the first appearance of daylight. This device we developed in two versions and with a maximum load of 8A or 16A.

Also, if necessary, we can produce LUXOMAT with higher maximum load to avoid buying additional contactors that ulljučivao even more consumers.

Regulatror light is a device that controls the lights in common, halogen and LED illumination. For now produce modular switching systems for all major firms such as Vimar Gewiss, Ave, Bticino, Legrand, Tem.

Any of our regulator, which fit will give you satisfaction and comfort in your home, business premises or any other place where you want to have a pleasant regulated intensity lighting. Regulators the world produces more than one version: 230 RS1, RS2 12V DC external regulator 2KW RS1, RS1-S 230 2 KW We only warranty that all of our products that we produce work at least twice as better and longer than all the others that are currently found and on our way in a foreign market.

More detailed information about our devices can be found in the section on production. Here are just want to mention, if you have a need for some electronic device or circuit that can not be purchased on the market, we will find it for you to design and produce. We have a long experience and thousands of satisfied users of our products.